So you want to become a stripper huh ? you have seen all the rap music videos, all the money, the flexible work hours and the gilts and glamour, but i bet they didnt tell you all the negative things about being a stripper. Well don't worry the team at Bad Bunny is about to let you know the main thing they dont tell you when you become a strippers surfers paradise, and that is the sweat.

Yep as a pro dancer you are getting one hell of a workout and that means you will sweat. Often most girls will carry deodorant and baby wipes in their bags, this is just to ensure you dont get a little to wet and sticky as you put on your sexy moves.

So before you jump at the chance of becoming a stripper make sure you are ready to sweat away a few KG, especially in a small strip club, it gets very hot and humid in those type of venues.

So that is probaly one of the worst things about being a stripper, i mean except for the creeps and often being objectified as purly just a piece of meat, but hey the $$$ are amazing haha